October 24, 2019

We're looking for a self motivated individual to join the ranks and become the fifth contributing artist! Music can be found here on our page on Youtube as well as Apple Music. Contact at through Facebook Messenger

October 18, 2019

Our friends in WTHCNVCTN and The 21st Agenda have been hustling their butts off to bring some fresh new tunes. Watch their videos and give them some love!!

September 20 ,2019

Live footage of Captivate playing Alexisonfire's "Accidents" at the Krossing surfaced, the crowd went off huge!

May 27, 2019

WE'VE DONE IT!!!! WE DID THE THING!!!! We have a music video hot out of the editing room for Diphtheria. Please have a watch and please enjoy our first official music video!

April 20, 2019

Our new EP "Forgotten" is available everywhere!

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